New Providence Soccer Club is dedicated to the promotion and organization of youth soccer at both the recreational and competitive level. The Club is committed to the development of its players and coaches in order to allow them to reach their fullest pot

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Weekend Schedule

Home Schedule for this weekend. Come on out and support NPSC Teams!

4/2/2017 328695 New Providence Dragons Westfield Gremio 2:45PM Oakwood - small
4/2/2017 328804 New Providence Wambachs Bloomfield Pumas 4:00PM Oakwood - small
4/2/2017 328926 New Providence Rebels Carteret Premier S.A. FC Dragons 5:15PM Oakwood - small
4/2/2017 170101   New Providence  Atletico  Springfield Impact  Impact 1:30PM Oakwood - Developmental
4/2/2017 170502   New Providence Power South Mountain Shadows  Shadows 4:00PM Oakwood - Developmental
4/2/2017 170002   New Providence Rowdies Piscataway Villarreal  Villarreal  2:45PM Oakwood - Developmental
4/2/2017 330058 New Providence Revolution Branchburg Fury 12:15PM Oakwood - Developmental
4/2/2017 171504   New Providence Galaxy Scotch Plains Fanwood Avengers  Avengers 3:45PM Leider
4/2/2017 326531 New Providence Blaze Cranford Soccer Club HS Cosmos 2:00PM Leider
4/2/2017 327295 New Providence Gunners S.P.F.S.A. SPF Wambach 12:30 PM Leider

by posted 03/28/2017
Oakwood Park Annoucement

Hello NPSC - 

We are excited to announce that the lower section of Oakwood Park will open this weekend! 

I would like to thank the Mayor, Town Council and Recreation Department for their hard work on this project. I cannot wait to see our kids in green/white running all over the field!

NPSC will practice on Oakwood this Saturday. Our normal schedule is modified a bit to allow other sports/clubs access to the field on Opening Day (Your coaches should be reaching out with time/location details). Our small-sided games will be played on Oakwood this Sunday.

There are two small sided soccer fields at Oakwood Park:

Access to Oakwood Park will be from the Rossener Place parking lot. Only the lower turf field is open. All other sections of Oakwood Park will remain closed. Please do not walk through any of the construciton areas.

Oakwood Park Rules:

  • No dogs
  • No gum
  • No food
  • No climbing on fences
  • Clean up all garbage and water bottles (there are no garbage receptacles yet, please take all garbage with you)

Get excited for our kids to play soccer in this great new facility!




by posted 03/28/2017
Spring Updates

Hello All,

Welcome to Spring. We have a few updates from NPSC.

Game Schedules

Schedules are still pending. Intercounty Youth Soccer has not released their schedule yet. As soon as they do so we will get a full season schedule out. 

Field Updates

Currently, all grass fields are closed. Based on the weather forecasts we are expecting that grass fields will remain closed past the normal April 1 opening date. We have been asked by the town to make sure the grass fields are left completely unused. 

Oakwood Park is not yet open. We will receive an update regarding its status next week. Once access to the field is allowed we will setup the goals we purchased and get playing. We do not expect the lights to be ready when the field opens.

We have limited access to Lieder field. We are going to begin dividing the field into smaller sections with shorter time slots to get more teams some practice time. These time slots will be Wednesday and Friday evenings.

2017/2018 Registration

Believe it or not we will open registration for the 2017/18 season in the next few weeks. Hopefully we have started playing this season's games before planning for next season.

This slow start to the spring is nothing new. It will make for a shorter but action packed season as we all work to get the games in. Stay Tuned!


by posted 03/24/2017
Field Status
BARD Field - New Providence TBD (3/30) 
Grove Terrace - New Providence TBD (3/30) 
Hillview Field - New Providence TBD (3/30) 
Lieder Field - New Providence TBD (3/30) 
Lincoln Field - New Providence TBD (3/30) 
Oakwood Developmental - New Providence TBD (3/30) 
Oakwood Small Side - New Providence TBD (3/30) 
OLP Field - New Providence TBD (3/30) 
Roberts Field - New Providence TBD (3/30) 
Salt Brook School - New Providence TBD (3/30) 
Warner Field - New Providence TBD (3/30) 
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