New Providence Soccer Club is dedicated to the promotion and organization of youth soccer at both the recreational and competitive level. The Club is committed to the development of its players and coaches in order to allow them to reach their fullest pot
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The Monday Skills Development Program (SDP) has been moved to Grove. 

1 Grove Terrace, New Providence

3:30-4:30 pm

by posted 04/23/2015
This Weekends Games and Next Weeks

Below is this weekends (April 25/26th) Home Soccer Schedule as well as next weekend (May 2/3rd).    All games are assumed to be confirmed with your opponents as of April 1st.

Please check the Club website or hotline often for updates.   Please also note that games not canceled by either the Club or the Town prior to 10:00 am must be canceled by the referees assigned to those games.   Teams must report to the fields unless notified specifically for their game.

Game Date Game Number Home Club Away Club Away Team Time  Field
4/25/15 293556 New Providence Arsenal Franklin Twp. S. C. Jaguars 4:00 PM Grove
4/25/15 294753 New Providence Rebels Westfield Chaos 6:00 PM Hillview
4/25/15 295084 New Providence Blaze East Brunswick Dynamite 3:30 PM Lieder
4/25/15 293480 New Providence Gazelles Bloomfield Power 5:30 PM Lieder
4/26/15 150219 New Providence Vipers Kenilworth Hawks   12:00 PM Hillview
4/26/15 150220 New Providence Raptors South Mountain Cosmos   1:30 PM Hillview
4/26/15 150317 New Providence Hawks Springfield Blazers   3:00 PM Hillview
4/26/15 150420 New Providence Emeralds Edison Tigers   4:30 PM Hillview
4/26/15 150416 New Providence Cheetahs Cranford Sky Blue   6:00 PM Hillview
4/26/15 151113 New Providence Crew Cranford Thunderbolts   1:30 PM Lieder
4/26/15 151416 New Providence Angels Scotch Plains Fanwood Blue Angels   3:00 PM Lieder
4/26/15 294768 New Providence Rebels Watchung Hills Barca 12:00 PM Oakwood Lower
4/26/15 289700 New Providence Lightning Montgomery Travelers SC Tigers 1:30 PM Oakwood Lower
4/26/15 294368 New Providence Rovers Edison United S.A. Rangers 3:00 PM Oakwood Lower
4/26/15 294618 New Providence Wambachs North Brunswick Jaguars 4:30 PM Oakwood Lower
5/2/15 151401 New Providence Fire Scotch Plains Fanwood Blue Angels   2:45 PM Grove
5/2/15 150501 New Providence Titans Roselle Carioca   4:15 PM Grove
5/2/15 294353 New Providence Rovers Arjahz S.A. Panthers 3:00 PM Hillview
5/2/15 291010 New Providence Dragons Hillsborough Soccer Club Fury 4:30 PM Hillview
5/2/15 288823 New Providence Cosmos Millburn S. C. Revolution 6:00 PM Hillview
5/2/15 289726 New Providence Lightning South Brunswick S. C. METEORS 12:00 PM Warner
5/2/15 150119 New Providence Barracudas South Mountain Mustangs   1:30 PM Warner
5/2/15 150204 New Providence Vipers Westfield Union   3:00 PM Warner
5/2/15 150001 New Providence Vikings Cranford Wild   4:30 PM Warner
5/2/15 289709 New Providence Lightning Delaware Valley Highlanders 6:00 PM Warner
5/3/15 150916 New Providence Rapids Scotch Plains Fanwood Rojek   12:00 PM Grove
5/3/15 151218 New Providence Timbers Edison Speedsters   1:30 PM Grove
5/3/15 151420 New Providence Angels South Mountain Flying Dragons   3:00 PM Grove
5/3/15 293568 New Providence Arsenal Edison United S.A. Gunners 12:00 PM Lieder
5/3/15 287435 New Providence Lancers Princeton F.C. Aston Villa 1:30 PM Lieder
5/3/15 295159 New Providence Warriors Cougar Soccer Club Cougars 3:30 PM Lieder
5/3/15 295109 New Providence Blaze Parsippany SC Eagles 5:30 PM Lieder
5/3/15 288818 New Providence Cosmos Woodbridge Fury 12:00 PM Oakwood Lower
5/3/15 289708 New Providence Lightning Franklin Twp. S. C. Strikers 1:30 PM Oakwood Lower
5/3/15 294133 New Providence Messi Millburn S. C. Wizzards 3:00 PM Oakwood Lower
5/3/15 289232 New Providence Gunners Cranford Soccer Club Surge 4:00 PM Oakwood Lower
5/3/15 150025 New Providence Vikings Westfield Sounders   1:30 PM Oakwood Upper
5/3/15 150303 New Providence Green Wave Springfield Blazers   3:00 PM Oakwood Upper
5/3/15 150300 New Providence Hawks South Mountain Red Fury   4:30 PM Oakwood Upper
5/3/15 151116 New Providence Crew South Mountain Dynamos   12:00 PM Roberts
5/3/15 293505 New Providence Gazelles Linden Youth S. A. Avalanche 1:30 PM Roberts
5/3/15 294993 New Providence United S.P.F.S.A. Breakers 3:00 PM Roberts
5/3/15 150100 New Providence Barracudas Roselle Warriors   12:00 PM Warner
5/3/15 150426 New Providence Cheetahs Cranford Impact   1:30 PM Warner
5/3/15 150422 New Providence Emeralds South Mountain Pink Cougars   3:00 PM Warner

posted 04/19/2015
Saturday K Micro and SDP Start 4/4 and Monday SDP starts 4/6
Kindergarten Micro Soccer will take place on SATURDAYS beginning April 4th at Salt Brook School.

Time: 8:30 - 10 am. (Note Time Change for K Micro on Saturdays)

Saturday SDP for 1st & 2nd Grade Boys and Girls begins April 4th at Salt Brook School.


1st and 2nd grade Girls:                      8:30-10 am

1st and 2nd grade Boys:                    10:15-11:45 am

MONDAY SDP for First and Second Grade Boys and Girls Starts April 6th at Salt Brook School.



1st and 2nd Grade Girls and Boys:     3:30-4:30


by posted 03/31/2015

The NP Soccer Club is collecting uniforms in good condition to be donated to the Presbyterian Church for delivery to children in Africa.  If you have uniforms to donate, please drop them off in the plastic bin on the front steps of 37 Valentine Road, New Providence by APRIL 30th.  Thank you!

by posted 02/06/2015
Need to Contact a NPSC Team Coach or Manager?

Need to Contact a NPSC Team Coach or Manager?
NPSC Team contact information can be found by going to the "Team" tab on the at the top of the screen.
Select the league in which the team plays from drop down list and then select the team name.
From the Team's webpage, select "Contacts" from the tab on the left. At least one telephone number should be listed for a team. To email a contact from this page, select the envelope icon next to the name. Be sure to complete the "reply to" section of the email form in order to receive a reply.

posted 03/02/2010
Field Status Hotline
NPSC Hotline Number: 
(888) 473-6875
Updates regarding field and weather conditions will be available on the hotline.

Ext. 1 - Micro League
Ext. 2 - Mid NJ & Intercounty Travel Teams
Ext. 3 - Winter Indoor Soccer
Ext. 4 - Adult/Coaches Soccer

Please note the hotline will always be updated before the web site!

Field Status
BARD Field - New Providence TBD (4/27) 
Grove Terrace - New Providence OPEN (4/27) 
Hillview Field - New Providence OPEN (4/27) 
Hillview Parking Lot - New Providence OPEN (4/27) 
Lieder Field - New Providence OPEN (4/27) 
Lincoln Field - New Providence TBD (4/27) 
Lions Field - New Providence OPEN (4/27) 
Lions Field - New Providence OPEN (4/27) 
Oakwood Lower - New Providence OPEN (4/27) 
Oakwood Upper - New Providence OPEN (4/27) 
OLP Field - New Providence OPEN (4/27) 
Roberts Field - New Providence OPEN (4/27) 
Salt Brook School - New Providence OPEN (4/27) 
Warner Field - New Providence OPEN (4/27) 
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