New Providence Soccer Club is dedicated to the promotion and organization of youth soccer at both the recreational and competitive level. The Club is committed to the development of its players and coaches in order to allow them to reach their fullest pot

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Home Soccer Game Schedule

Below are this weekends (May 30/31th) Home Soccer Schedule as well as the rest of the season.   All games are assumed to be confirmed with your opponents as of April 1st.   Please note that some fields have changed.  Please review your schedule below.

Please check the Club website or hotline often for updates.   Please also note that games not canceled by either the Club or the Town prior to 10:00 am on game day must be canceled by the referees assigned to those games.   Teams must report to the fields unless notified specifically for their game.

Game Date Game Number Home Club Away Club Away Team Time  Field Flight
5/28/15 294108 New Providence Messi Franklin Twp. S. C. Storm 6:30 PM OLP 412G52
5/30/15 150232 New Providence Raptors Westfield Union   3:30 PM Warner U10 Boys (C)
5/31/15 288836 New Providence Cosmos Hazlet SA Smash 12:00 PM Hillview 411B03
5/31/15 294788 New Providence Rebels Readington Racers 1:30 PM Hillview 510G03
5/31/15 294149 New Providence Messi South County S. L. WILDTHINGS 3:00 PM Hillview  
5/31/15 288931 New Providence Galaxy Bloomfield Rage 4:30 PM Hillview 411B05
5/31/15 294638 New Providence Wambachs Plainfield Soccer J.A. Ecuador Girls 5:45 PM Hillview 509G04
5/31/15 295012 New Providence United Bloomfield Pride 12:00 PM Lieder 314G02
5/31/15 295128 New Providence Blaze West Windsor-Plainsboro Fire 1:30 PM Lieder 119G01
5/31/15 293475 New Providence Gazelles Westfield Green Dragons 3:00 PM Lieder 313G04
5/31/15 291060 New Providence Dragons Readington Swarm 12:00 PM Oakwood Lower 510B05
5/31/15 289252 New Providence Gunners South Plainfield Herricanes 1:30 PM Oakwood Lower 411G03
5/31/15 150037 New Providence Vikings Westfield Timbers   3:00 PM Oakwood Lower U10 Boys (A)
5/31/15 150244 New Providence Raptors Roselle Reselle Park TNU   12:00 PM Oakwood Upper U10 Boys (C)
5/31/15 150336 New Providence Green Wave Cranford Atoms   1:30 PM Oakwood Upper U10 Girls (A)
5/31/15 150337 New Providence Hawks Elite SC Plainfield Elite Angels   3:00 PM Oakwood Upper U10 Girls (A)
5/31/15 150134 New Providence Barracudas Berkeley Heights Blue Crew   4:30 PM Oakwood Upper U10 Boys (B)
6/7/15 289241 New Providence Gunners Jersey Knights Fury 10:30 AM Oakwood Lower 411G03
6/7/15 291067 New Providence Dragons S.P.F.S.A. Rowdies 12:00 PM Oakwood Lower 510B05
6/7/15 294103 New Providence Messi Hunterdon F.C. Crooked Arrows 1:30 PM Oakwood Lower 412G52
6/7/15 294603 New Providence Wambachs Westfield Phoenix 3:00 PM Oakwood Lower 509G04
6/7/15 288883 New Providence Galaxy Vision Training S.A. Tornadoes 4:30 PM Oakwood Lower 411B05
6/7/15 150001 New Providence Vikings Cranford Wild   6:00 PM Oakwood Lower U10 Boys (A)
6/7/15 150446 New Providence Cheetahs Summit (B) Sun   12:00 PM Oakwood Upper U10 Girls (B)
6/7/15 150449 New Providence Emeralds Kenilworth Flash   1:30 PM Oakwood Upper U10 Girls (B)
6/7/15 150342 New Providence Green Wave New Providence Hawks   3:00 PM Oakwood Upper U10 Girls (A)
6/14/15 291072 New Providence Dragons Edison United S.A. Spartans 12:00 PM Oakwood Lower 510B05
6/14/15 150049 New Providence Vikings Cranford Sporting Cranford   1:30 PM Oakwood Upper U10 Boys (A)
TBD 295084 New Providence Blaze East Brunswick Dynamite     119G01
TBD 287445 New Providence Lancers NJ Santos FC Select     119B02
TBD 150507 New Providence Titans Scotch Plains Fanwood Bowman       U12 Boys (A)
TBD 295129 New Providence Warriors Carteret Premier S.A. Rebels     119G02

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Memorial Day Parade

Hello NPSC --

All NPSC members, family and friends are invited to march with the club in this year's Memorial Day parade on Monday, May 25th. Players should wear their New Providence Soccer Club jerseys. Friends and family, please wear green or white.

Line up begins at 9:30AM on Central Avenue, the parade begins at 10:00AM. The NPSC has been assigned slot 23, right behind Friendly's Restaurant and in front of New Providence PAL. 

Thank you

by posted 05/13/2015
Tryout Registration

Hello NPSC Families:

NPSC is always looking at ways in which we can provide a more enjoyable experience for our players while we continue to foster their development. In recent years we have required all our coaches to earn their New Jersey Youth Soccer (NJYS) F license, revamped our 1st and 2nd grade program to model the best practices of NJYS, US Soccer and the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA), and changed our tryout methods so that players are assessed on the hard work and commitment they make over an entire season.

For the coming year, we want to institute another change that we believe will positively impact the development and enjoyment of our players. We will try to field as many teams as possible in the Mid-New Jersey Youth Soccer Association (MNJYSA) league. Two of the main reasons for this change are:

  1. In order to have players of ALL abilities flourish, we have adopted the well-researched “Ability-Based” philosophy of the NSCAA. The recreational teams that we have entered into the InterCounty Youth Soccer League (ICYSL) have suffered from ICYSL’s flighting process for years. Despite the club’s best efforts, many teams do not have their flights adjusted with proper diligence and frequency. Therefore, teams will have wildly fluctuating game experiences. Many teams can win 6-0 one week and lose 0-6 the next. Likewise many teams have finished 0-10 in one season and have not had a proper adjustment the next. In an ideal situation, every game should be close and teams that are “flighted” properly will have .500 records. The MNJYSA, while not perfect, makes a greater effort to place teams in appropriate flights. Therefore, the games are competitive regardless of a team’s level and the players have a more enjoyable/developmental experience. Please watch this presentation to learn more about the ability-based format.
  2. Over the past decade there has been a movement in US Soccer towards Small-Sided Games with substantial research on the merits, which we have links to below. The MNJYSA League allows for the registration of small-sided (8v8) all the way through U12. The benefits of playing small-sided soccer is overwhelming and NPSC wants as many teams moving in this direction as possible. Please take a moment to view this video, this presentation or read this document to learn more about the benefits of small-sided soccer.

The NPSC is not abandoning its dedication to recreational soccer. It will always be our focus to have options for players of all abilities and levels of commitment and we feel these changes will allow us to provide a better experience for all our players. It is important to note that MNJYSA does include teams as far as Princeton and occasionally may require further travel. Most games are no further than Edison where many of our InterCounty teams often play.

Due to these changes, the NPSC’s program names will change for the 2015/2016 seasons:

Select Program (formally ‘Competitive Travel’): This program is for the player who wants the most competitive program NPSC can offer. The Select player is committing to playing soccer in both the fall and spring seasons. It is assumed that soccer is the Select player’s first choice if conflicts arise. The NPSC believes children should participate in as many sports as possible and understand that conflicts will happen. We would encourage players to discuss conflicts with the team coaches and to always choose games over practices regardless of sport. NPSC Select teams will play in the MNJYSA league. Attending tryouts is required.

Travel Program (formally ‘Recreational Travel’): This program is for the player who wants to play soccer in either the fall and/or spring. These teams will play in either the MNJYSA or ICYSL leagues. Whenever possible U12 teams and younger will be placed in the MNJYSA league and play small-sided (8v8) soccer. Players choosing Travel Program soccer have the option of playing in the fall, spring or both. No matter what season a player is choosing to participate in, attending tryouts is recommended so that players can be placed properly. Players who do not wish to attend tryouts are welcome on Travel Program teams.

Tryouts for team placement will be held on Saturday, May 30 and Saturday, June 6. Please find the schedule here. You must register to attend tryouts. Registration is now open on the NPSC website. Just as a reminder, the majority of team placement scoring comes from the yearly assessment completed by our professional UK Elite team trainers. We need all of our players to attend their UK Elite training sessions and put forth their greatest effort so that each player has a proper evaluation.

Please do not hesitate to contact NPSC Board Members with any questions you may have.

Thank you

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Saturday K Micro and SDP Start 4/4 and Monday SDP starts 4/6
Kindergarten Micro Soccer will take place on SATURDAYS beginning April 4th at Salt Brook School.

Time: 8:30 - 10 am. (Note Time Change for K Micro on Saturdays)

Saturday SDP for 1st & 2nd Grade Boys and Girls begins April 4th at Salt Brook School.


1st and 2nd grade Girls:                      8:30-10 am

1st and 2nd grade Boys:                    10:15-11:45 am

MONDAY SDP for First and Second Grade Boys and Girls Starts April 6th at GROVE FIELD.



1st and 2nd Grade Girls and Boys:     3:30-4:30


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Mid-New Jersey Playoff Information

Mid-New Jersey Teams:

Mid-New Jersey has spring playoffs for U11 and above, they will be held between 6/11 and 6/21. Information from Mid-New Jersey website is below.

Playoff Guidelines and Game Schedules for Spring 2015 are attached below. All club teams for Under 11 through Under 19 should be aware of these dates and avoid making any conflicting plans in the event they should win their flight and be eligible to participate for Division Championship. 

1. Please Click here (Playoff Schedule 2015 As Of 3.23.15.xls) to download.

2. Please Click here (Playoff Guidelines 2015.doc) to download.

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Need to Contact a NPSC Team Coach or Manager?

Need to Contact a NPSC Team Coach or Manager?
NPSC Team contact information can be found by going to the "Team" tab on the at the top of the screen.
Select the league in which the team plays from drop down list and then select the team name.
From the Team's webpage, select "Contacts" from the tab on the left. At least one telephone number should be listed for a team. To email a contact from this page, select the envelope icon next to the name. Be sure to complete the "reply to" section of the email form in order to receive a reply.

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Field Status Hotline
NPSC Hotline Number: 
(888) 473-6875

Updates regarding field and weather conditions will be available on the hotline.


Ext. 1 - Micro League and SDP
Ext. 2 - Mid NJ & Intercounty Travel Teams
Ext. 3 - Winter Indoor Soccer
Ext. 4 - Adult/Coaches Soccer

Please note the hotline will always be updated before the web site!


Field Status
BARD Field - New Providence TBD (5/22) 
Grove Terrace - New Providence OPEN (5/22) 
Hillview Field - New Providence OPEN (5/22) 
Hillview Parking Lot - New Providence OPEN (5/22) 
Lieder Field - New Providence OPEN (5/22) 
Lincoln Field - New Providence TBD (5/22) 
Lions Field - New Providence OPEN (5/22) 
Oakwood Lower - New Providence OPEN (5/22) 
Oakwood Upper - New Providence OPEN (5/22) 
OLP Field - New Providence OPEN (5/22) 
Roberts Field - New Providence OPEN (5/22) 
Salt Brook School - New Providence OPEN (5/22) 
Warner Field - New Providence OPEN (5/22) 
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