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Spring 2015 ICYSL registration is now open!!


Spring 2015 ICYSL registration is now open!!  

Please note the following when registering:

- only ICYSL players who have not registered for the spring 2015 season need to register;

- the registration fee for the spring 2015 season is $220;

- registration will close on 2/21/2015 at midnight; any registrations after that will be subject to a $25 late fee per player and team placement is not guaranteed;

- if your player does not have a new uniform (the club went through a re-uiniforming for the fall 2014 season) or needs to order a different size, etc., please place your order ASAP so that uniforms will be ready for the start of the season.  Information regarding uniform ordering can also be found on the Club's website.

- the ICYSL season starts the weekend of March 28th/29th.

posted 01/07/2015
Need to Contact a NPSC Team Coach or Manager?

Need to Contact a NPSC Team Coach or Manager?
NPSC Team contact information can be found by going to the "Team" tab on the at the top of the screen.
Select the league in which the team plays from drop down list and then select the team name.
From the Team's webpage, select "Contacts" from the tab on the left. At least one telephone number should be listed for a team. To email a contact from this page, select the envelope icon next to the name. Be sure to complete the "reply to" section of the email form in order to receive a reply.

posted 03/02/2010
Field Status Hotline
NPSC Hotline Number: 
(888) 473-6875
Updates regarding field and weather conditions will be available on the hotline.

Ext. 1 - Micro League
Ext. 2 - Mid NJ & Intercounty Travel Teams
Ext. 3 - Winter Indoor Soccer
Ext. 4 - Adult/Coaches Soccer

Please note the hotline will always be updated before the web site!

Field Status
BARD Field - New Providence TBD (1/31) 
Grove Terrace - New Providence OPEN (1/31) 
Hillview Field - New Providence OPEN (1/31) 
Hillview Parking Lot - New Providence OPEN (1/31) 
Home - See notes - New Providence TBD (1/31) 
Lieder Field - New Providence OPEN (1/31) 
Lincoln Field - New Providence TBD (1/31) 
Lions Field - New Providence OPEN (1/31) 
Lions Field - New Providence OPEN (1/31) 
Oakwood Lower - New Providence OPEN (1/31) 
Oakwood Upper - New Providence OPEN (1/31) 
OLP Field - New Providence OPEN (1/31) 
Roberts Field - New Providence OPEN (1/31) 
Warner Field - New Providence OPEN (1/31) 
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