New Providence Soccer Club is dedicated to the promotion and organization of youth soccer at both the recreational and competitive level. The Club is committed to the development of its players and coaches in order to allow them to reach their fullest pot

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This Weekends Games

Welcome to the Fall 2016 NPSC Soccer Season.   All games will be posted on our homepage for the upcoming week and the following week.  Please check back frequently as it is subject to change. Come out and support your NPSC friends.


10/29/2016 323545 New Providence Strikers South County S. L. Blue Sharks 1:30 PM Lincoln 411B12 BOYS Small-Sided
10/29/2016 323479 New Providence Rovers West Jersey SC Meteors 2:45 PM Lincoln 411B11 BOYS Small-Sided
10/29/2016 325660 New Providence Wambachs Peninsula City SC Strong 4:00 PM Lincoln 412G01 GIRLS Small-Sided
10/30/2016 322665 New Providence Gunners FC Berna 04G Blue 10:15 AM Bard 313G01 GIRLS Full-Sided
10/30/2016 165524 New Providence Power Springfield  Dragons 10:45 AM Hillview U10 Girls (White) Girls Small-Sided
10/30/2016 165125 New Providence Atletico Summit  Furry 12:00 PM Hillview U10 Boys (White) Boys Small-Sided
10/30/2016 165025 New Providence Rowdies Summit  Crush 1:15 PM Hillview U10 Boys (Red) Boys Small-Sided
10/30/2016   New Providence Fire South County Soccer League 2007 boys 2:30 PM Hillview U10B12 Boys Small-Sided
10/30/2016   New Providence Pride Westfield SA Daredevils 3:45 PM Hillview 509G05 GIRLS Small-Sided
10/30/2016 324270 New Providence Rebels Hillsborough Soccer Club 05G Raiders Red 11:30 AM Lincoln 412G04 GIRLS Small-Sided
10/30/2016 323504 New Providence Rovers Hillsborough Soccer Club 06B Raiders Gold 12:45 PM Lincoln 411B11 BOYS Small-Sided
10/30/2016 323530 New Providence Strikers Berkeley Heights Blue Devils 2:00 PM Lincoln 411B12 BOYS Small-Sided
10/30/2016   New Providence Wolves Madison YMCA Hurricanes 3:15 PM Lincoln 412B13 Boys Small-Sided
10/30/2016   New Providence Breakers South Plainfield Soccer Association Volcanoes 4:30 PM Lincoln U11G06 Girls Small-Sided
11/6/2016 324604 New Providence Spurs Elite Soccer Club Elite United 11:30 AM Hillview 509B07 BOYS Small-Sided
11/6/2016 323507 New Providence Rovers Lawrence Hamnett SA Devils 10:15 AM Lincoln 411B11 BOYS Small-Sided
11/6/2016 165218 New Providence Roma Cranford  Raiders 3:15 PM Hillview U10 Boys (Blue) Boys Small-Sided
11/6/2016 324068 New Providence Dragons Bridgewater S. A. Inc. Red Bulls 11:30 AM Lincoln 412B11 BOYS Small-Sided
11/6/2016 325462 New Providence Revolution South Brunswick S. C. Stars 12:45 PM Hillview 510G05 GIRLS Small-Sided
11/6/2016 325655 New Providence Wambachs S.P.F.S.A. SPF Morgan 12:45 PM Lincoln 412G01 GIRLS Small-Sided
11/6/2016 165113 New Providence Atletico New Providence Ajax 2:00PM Hillview U10 Boys (White) Boys Small-Sided
11/6/2016 325905 New Providence Cosmos Edison United S.A. PSG 2:30 PM Lieder 313B05 BOYS Full-Sided

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Micro & SDP update

For those who have registered, sessions will start on September 10th. 


Micro Soccer - Kindergarten

Saturdays only: 8.45am - 10.15am

Field: Saltbrook



SDP Program 

Saturdays: 1st & 2nd Grade Girls: 8.45am-10.15am

Saturdays: 1st & 2nd Grade Boys: 10.30am-12.00pm

Field: Saltbrook


Mondays:  1st & 2nd Grade Girls and Boys: 4.30pm-5.30pm

Field: Lincoln

It is preferred that the players attend both Saturdays and Mondays to get the most out of the SDP Program. However, players can register separately and can attend either session if they can not attend both. The cost will cover the expense of the trainers, referees, shirts, etc. 






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Fall 2016 Training Schedule

NOTE - All weekday sessions have been moved to start 30 mins earlier to accommodate shrinking daylight


Training sessions start next Tuesday, September 6th.  Coach training sessions will start Saturday, September 10th. 

Have a great fall season!

Team Fields  Day Time League Age Type (UKE/Coach) Coach
Ajax Lincoln Tuesday 4.00-5.30 IC U10B UKE TBD
Ajax Hillview Saturday 1.00-2.30 IC U10B Coach Snyder
Athletico Lincoln Wednesday 5.30-7.00 IC U10B UKE Carson Francis
Athletico Lincoln Saturday 8.30-10.00 IC U10B Coach Capan
Breakers Hillview Thursday 5.30-7.00 MNJ U11G UKE Adam Stewart
Breakers Roberts Saturday 10.00-11.30 MNJ U11G Coach Miller
Cosmos Hillview Tuesday 4.00-5.30 MNJ U13B UKE Danny Smith
Cosmos Hillview Wednesday 4.00-5.30 MNJ U13B Coach Landsittel
Cosmos Hillview Saturday 10.00-11.30 MNJ U13B Coach Landsittel
Crew OLP Thursday 6.00-7.30 IC U15B DTS Kevin Konijnenburg
Crew OLP Saturday 11.30-1.00 IC   Coach Abramson
Dragons Lincoln Saturday 8.30-10.00 MNJ U12B Coach Kavanagh
Dragons OLP Tuesday 6.00-7.30 MNJ U12B UKE Chris Kerr
Fire Lincoln Saturday 10.00-11.30 MNJ U10B Coach Holland
Fire Hillview Thursday 4.00-5.30 MNJ U10B UKE Adam Stewart
Galaxy Hillview Thursday 4.00-5.30 IC U13B UKE Chris Kerr
Galaxy Roberts Saturday 8.30-10.00 IC U13B Coach Horan
Gunners Lincoln Tuesday 5.30-7.00 MNJ U13G UKE Caroline Moran
Gunners Lincoln Thursday 5.30-7.00 MNJ U13G UKE Caroline Moran
Gunners Roberts Saturday 10.00-11.30 MNJ U13G Coach Kelly
Lightning OLP Thursday 4.30-6.00 MNJ U15B DTS Kevin Konijnenburg
Lightning Roberts Saturday 11.30-1.00 MNJ U15B Coach Kogan
Messi OLP Wednesday 4.30-6.00 MNJ U15G UKE Caroline Moran
Messi Roberts Saturday 11.30-1.00 MNJ U15G Coach Wachtel
Power Lincoln Wednesday 4.00-5.30 IC U10G UKE Carson Francis
Power OLP Saturday 10.00-11.30 IC U10G Coach Abramson
Pride Hillview Thursday 5.30-7.00 MNJ U9G UKE Chris Kerr
Pride Roberts Saturday 10.00-11.30 MNJ U9G Coach Hiatrides
Rebels OLP Tuesday 4.30-6.00 MNJ U12G UKE Chris Kerr
Rebels Roberts Saturday 8.30-10.00 MNJ U12G Coach Walsh
Revolution Lincoln Saturday 11.30-1.00 MNJ U10G Coach Illpronti
Revolution OLP Tuesday 4.30-6.00 MNJ U10G UKE Carson Francis
Roma Lincoln Saturday 8.30-10.00 IC U10B Coach Carreno
Roma Hillview Tuesday 5.30-7.00 IC U10B UKE Danny Smith
Rovers Lincoln Tuesday 5.30-7.00 MNJ U11B UKE TBD
Rovers Hillview Saturday 11.30-1.00 MNJ U11B Coach Fiscelli
Rowdies Lincoln Thursday 5.30-7.00 IC U10B UKE Danny Smith
Rowdies Lincoln Saturday 11.30-1.00 IC U10B Coach Barrios
Spirit Hillview Saturday 10.00-11.30 IC U12G Coach Barfield
Spirit OLP Wednesday 4.30-6.00 IC U12G UKE Adam Stewart
Spurs Lincoln Thursday 4.00-5.30 MNJ U10B UKE Danny Smith
Spurs Hillview Saturday 8.30-10.00 MNJ U10B Coach Menen
Strikers Lincoln Saturday 10.00-11.30 MNJ U11B Coach Screnci
Strikers OLP Wednesday 6.00-7.30 MNJ U11B UKE Adam Stewart
Wambachs Lincoln Tuesday 4.00-5.30 MNJ U12G UKE Caroline Moran
Wambachs Lincoln Thursday 4.00-5.30 MNJ U12G UKE Caroline Moran
Wambachs Hillview Saturday 11.30-1.00 MNJ U12G Coach Snyder
Wolves OLP Tuesday 6.00-7.30 MNJ U12B UKE Carson Francis
Wolves Roberts Saturday 8.30-10.00 MNJ U12B Coach Schumm

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Field Status
BARD Field - New Providence TBD (10/27) 
Grove Terrace - New Providence TBD (10/27) 
Hillview Field - New Providence TBD (10/27) 
Lieder Field - New Providence OPEN (10/27) 
Lincoln Field - New Providence TBD (10/27) 
Oakwood Lower - New Providence TBD (10/27) 
Oakwood Upper - New Providence TBD (10/27) 
OLP Field - New Providence TBD (10/27) 
Roberts Field - New Providence TBD (10/27) 
Salt Brook School - New Providence TBD (10/27) 
Warner Field - New Providence TBD (10/27) 
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