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This Week's Home Schedule - Games Are Assumed Confirmed

Below are the Home Games this weekend and November 2nd.  All games are assumed to be confirmed.   Any changes that need to be considered should be done via notifying the Club Scheduler by 5:00 PM on Wednesday.

Date Game Number Home Club Away Team Time Field  Flight
10/24/14 145903 New Providence Titans Scotch Plains Fanwood Koehler 4:30 PM Grove U12 Boys
10/25/14 241826 New Providence Arsenal Princeton F.C. Real 2:00 PM Roberts 314B02
10/26/14 146836 New Providence Angels Summit Spirit 12:00 PM Grove U14 Girls
10/26/14 146437 New Providence Crew Roselle Cavaliers 1:30 PM Grove U14 Boys
10/26/14 146155 New Providence Rapids Summit Speed 3:00 PM Grove U12 Boys
10/26/14 145946 New Providence Titans Scotch Plains Fanwood Sullivan 4:30 PM Grove U12 Boys
10/26/14 242846 New Providence Gunners Franklin Twp. S. C. Wave 10:30 AM Hillview 411G03
10/26/14 245529 New Providence Cosmos Livingston Lasers 12:00 PM Hillview 411B04
10/26/14 243534 New Providence Messi Watchung Hills Strikers 1:30 PM Hillview 412G51
10/26/14 243936 New Providence Rovers Readington Red Devils 12:00 PM Oakwood Lower 509B06
10/26/14 145644 New Providence Emeralds Westfield Blue Knights 1:30 PM Oakwood Lower U10 Girls
10/26/14 145206 New Providence Raptors Kenilworth Fire 3:00 PM Oakwood Lower U10 Boys
10/26/14 146631 New Providence Timbers Clark Cyclones 1:30 PM Roberts U14 Boys
10/26/14 145736 New Providence Sharks Scotch Plains Fanwood Bowman 3:00 PM Roberts U12 Boys
10/26/14 247679 New Providence Gazelles Franklin Twp. S. C. Force 4:30 PM Roberts 313G03
11/02/14 243539 New Providence Messi Millburn S. C. Mystics 10:30 AM Hillview 412G51
11/02/14 245534 New Providence Cosmos Millburn S. C. Crew 12:00 PM Hillview 411B04
11/02/14 245024 New Providence Rebels Elizabeth Youth Soccer Celtics 1:30 PM Hillview 510G05
11/02/14 242537 New Providence Galaxy Millburn S. C. Fire 3:00 PM Hillview 411B06
11/02/14 247023 New Providence United Parsippany SC Galaxy 12:00 PM Lieder 314G04
11/02/14 244576 New Providence Dragons Princeton F.C. Levski 10:30 AM Oakwood Lower 510B05
11/02/14 243362 New Providence Lightning Montgomery Travelers SC Tigers 12:00 PM Oakwood Lower 412B53
11/02/14 244250 New Providence Wambachs Saint John Vianney Lynx 1:30 PM Oakwood Lower 509G04
11/02/14 145254 New Providence Barracudas Berkeley Heights Barca 3:00 PM Oakwood Lower U10 Boys
11/02/14 145253 New Providence Raptors Westfield Timbers 4:30 PM Oakwood Lower U10 Boys
11/02/14 242849 New Providence Gunners Cranford Soccer Club Surge 12:00 PM Warner 411G03
11/02/14 145550 New Providence Cheetahs New Providence Hawks 1:30 PM Warner U10 Girls
11/02/14 145651 New Providence Emeralds South Mountain Candy Crushers 3:00 PM Warner U10 Girls

by posted 10/20/2014
SDP & Micro Make-Up Sessions

Make up sessions will be offered for both SDP & Micro Soccer on Thursday, November  6 and Friday, November 7. 


The times will be:


1st/2nd grade girls:   9am-10.30am

1st/2nd grade boys:  10.45-12.15

Kindergarten Micro:  12:30 -1:30


All sessions will be held at Salt Brook School. 

by posted 10/15/2014

Beginning the Week of October 13th, UK ELITE weekday practice sessions will change to:

3:30-5:00 pm and 5:00-6:30pm


by posted 10/08/2014
Need to Contact a NPSC Team Coach or Manager?

Need to Contact a NPSC Team Coach or Manager?
NPSC Team contact information can be found by going to the "Team" tab on the at the top of the screen.
Select the league in which the team plays from drop down list and then select the team name.
From the Team's webpage, select "Contacts" from the tab on the left. At least one telephone number should be listed for a team. To email a contact from this page, select the envelope icon next to the name. Be sure to complete the "reply to" section of the email form in order to receive a reply.

posted 03/02/2010
Field Status Hotline
NPSC Hotline Number: 
(888) 473-6875
Updates regarding field and weather conditions will be available on the hotline.

Ext. 1 - Micro League
Ext. 2 - Mid NJ & Intercounty Travel Teams
Ext. 3 - Winter Indoor Soccer
Ext. 4 - Adult/Coaches Soccer

Please note the hotline will always be updated before the web site!

Field Status
BARD Field - New Providence TBD (10/21) 
Grove Terrace - New Providence OPEN (10/21) 
Hillview Field - New Providence OPEN (10/21) 
Hillview Parking Lot - New Providence OPEN (10/21) 
Lieder Field - New Providence OPEN (10/21) 
Lincoln Field - New Providence TBD (10/21) 
Lions Field - New Providence OPEN (10/21) 
Lions Field - New Providence OPEN (10/21) 
Oakwood Lower - New Providence OPEN (10/21) 
Oakwood Upper - New Providence OPEN (10/21) 
OLP Field - New Providence OPEN (10/21) 
Roberts Field - New Providence OPEN (10/21) 
Warner Field - New Providence OPEN (10/21) 
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