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InterCounty Youth Soccer League: NPSC Team Game Schedules



Intercounty Season begins w/e of 9/12.
Partial season schedules will be provided after the league provides to NPSC and distributed week of first game.

Intercounty is expecting every coach to fill out a template for their team and have it on hand at every game. Coaches may also choose to email the roster by the Wed prior. Failure to comply will result in a league imposed penalty. There will be no exceptions!
Click link for Roster Template to be used.

See site  Home Page weekly for weekend schedule. Posted Wednesday of each week. Club full season schedules will be provided to Team coaches via email.

see below for IC League rules:

Reminder: Report Game Scores each week. See Manager's Toolkit Tab for League Procedures

It is important to note the following points:
It is the responsibilities of coaches to confirm the game time and locations by Wednesday night.  A contact list is provided on the website with both emails and phone number.  If you don’t get a reply to your email, try the phone.  It is also convenient for coaches to exchange rosters by email before the game.  Coaches should make every effort to play the games as scheduled.

Coaches must meet before the match to exchange rosters. Rosters must include the names, dates of birth and jersey numbers of the players suiting up for the game. Rules regarding roster exchanges are as follows:
Rosters must be exchanged at any time prior to 5 minutes before the opening whistle of a game. The opposing coaches are required to review these rosters and check that all players are the appropriate age for the division. Any over age players discovered cannot participate in the game, and must be removed from the team for future matches.
If a coach refuses to provide a roster prior to 5 minutes before the opening whistle, (which can be handwritten as long as it includes the names, uniform numbers, and birthdates of all players, coupled with the coaches’ names) his/her team will forfeit the game. The opposing coach is responsible for informing the ICYSL Board that a roster was not provided, by the following Tuesday, midnight after the game was played.

It is the focus of the league to promote good sportsmanship.  Teams are expected to shake hands after all games.  If a game is lopsided, Coaches should take measures to prevent the score from getting out of hand when the goal differential is 3 goals.  Don’t wait until the goal differential is 6. 

It is considered unsportsmanlike conduct to score an excessive number of goals and run up the score against your opponent without taking appropriate steps to play a more competitive game. Methods to avoid running up the score include rotating players to new positions, playing two and three touch soccer (no "booting" the ball!), setting purely defensive objectives for the team, substituting and removing your strongest players and playing at a numerical disadvantage. While the League cannot dictate the methods to be used, it is important to exercise restraint, common sense and compassion for the other team. Children on the wrong end of too many lopsided scores are likely to become discouraged to the point of quitting the sport. This is obviously not a satisfactory result and is one in direct conflict to ICYSL‘s mission.
The time to begin to maintain the competitive balance is as early as possible in the game--oftentimes when the score is 3-0 or even closer. In no cases should coaches encourage their players to not go for the goal, to play foolishly or sloppily on purpose or otherwise act to embarrass--either deliberately or unintentionally--the opposing team. Players and coaches should never call out on the field that the team is not allowed to score any more goals. This is unsportsmanlike and embarrassing to the opposing team.
If a game is clearly a mismatch it ceases to be fun for both teams. If this is obvious before halftime, the coaches are strongly encouraged to play a "friendly" the second half by mixing the two teams together to provide balanced competition. While the players initially may not want to play with the kids from the other team, do not give them a choice. Put pinnies on one team and enjoy the rest of the game.
Coaches whose teams are involved in games decided by more than six (6) goals must submit game reports (via e-mail) to their Town Reps and to the ICYSL Board within 24 hours of the completion of the game. These reports must document what the winning coach did to maintain the game's competitiveness. Teams deemed to have done everything in their power to keep the game competitive may not be penalized provided the losing coach, referee or other witness(es) agrees that the winning coach acted in good faith to maintain a competitive game. 

Divisions U12 through U17 

Will follow a net 7 goal mercy rule. If at any time after the 1st half a team increases its lead by net 7 goals the game will be deemed uncompetitive and the score reported. The referee will then give the coaches the option to continue playing a “friendly” match with no effect on the game outcome or season standings. If the first half ends at a net 7 goal differential than the game will be deemed uncompetitive and the score reported, continuing to play the 2nd half “for fun” is up to the individual coaches. Referees will Per USSF regulations once a sanctioned event is terminated, in this case by the mercy rule, the referees are not allowed to remain on the field.
  • In the InterCounty League the home team determines on WHAT DAY the game is played. NPSC's assumptions for your away games are NOT necessarily correct. Contact your opponent to confirm day/date, time and location of away games.
  • Once the season starts, the schedules below will quickly become out of date. IC provides an initial schedule and NPSC provides the fields and times for HOME games. Any changes to team schedules as a result of reschedule requests or field closing, etc. will not be reflected in initial schedule or the IC website. You must work with opponents to confirm game times and communicate changes directly with opponent and own team.  
  • It is up to each team to maintain and update their respective team schedule(s), such as setting up your schedule in an MS Excel file, MS Word document, or using the Event Scheduling feature on the NPSC website. Each teams schedule should be maintained with all current home and away game information and should be provided  / communicated to team as soon as available and with each update.  
  • It is up to YOU to communicate with the opposing teams. You should get the contact information for all opposing teams (via ICYSL website) and let them know your HOME game date(s), time(s),  location(s), and field directions as soon as you can.  At this time you should also obtain your AWAY game information so you can complete your Team's season schedule with HOME and AWAY game details.
    • Please also tell your opponents that our home colors are Dark Green, so that they can tell you if you need to change colors for a home game.
    • Include your cell / home numbers and always check the the HOTLINE Number (888) 473-6875 ext 2 for Home game cancellations, or games moving from one field to another. Notify opponents of any game changes immediately.
    • When providing game details to opponents via email, always request a reply for confirmation of receipt of information. See Team Manager's Toolkit Tab on the Home Page menu for more details and sample emails. 

  • All changes to game dates and times for HOME games must come to the Game Scheduler as a request for a change - so fields and referrees can be assigned based on availability. See Game Reschedules Tab.


  • If there is a change made to a team's HOME schedule by the Game Scheduler, the respective NPSC Team Managers and Coaches will get an email notification of the change.


  • Scheduling demands / field availability may require games to be scheduled prior to League recommended start of time of 11:30.

IC Home Teams pay referee fees. NPSC pays as follows for center ref (AR gets half fee of center ref):

Division I (U-19, 18 & 17) $80.00
Division II (U-16 & 15) $70.00
Division III (U-14 & 13) $60.00
Division IV (U-12 & 11) $50.00
Division V (U-10 & 9) $46.00


Playing Time: NPSC follows League rules for required playing time.


  • IC - All players must play at least half of each game. It is strongly recommended that coaches attempt to provide equal playing time to all their players, especially in the U-10s.  The only exceptions would be in circumstances involving team discipline (e.g. many missed practices or misbehavior) or injury. The opposing coach must be notified if a player is not expected to play at least one half of the game.


Game Length:

Division I (U-19, 18 & 17) 45 minute halves
Division II (U-16 & 15) 40 minute halves
Division III (U-14 & 13) 40 minutes halves
Division IV (U-12 & 11) 35 minute halves
Division V (U-10 & 9) 30 minute halves
In Division V, there will be a stoppage of play for two minutes before the start of the second and fourth “quarters.”

Click link below for 2013 IC Playing Rules.

Please note that NPSC uses a MNJ league referee scheduler, so MNJ league rules for referee payment, etc govern during games.