New Providence Soccer Club is dedicated to the promotion and organization of youth soccer at both the recreational and competitive level. The Club is committed to the development of its players and coaches in order to allow them to reach their fullest pot

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Home Game Make-ups / Rescheduling Requests:

Submit game reschedule requests as soon as possible.

  • At the very latest they must be received by Tuesday preceding the game. ALL GAMES ARE FINAL AS OF THE WEDNESDAY PRECEDING THE WEEKEND OF THE GAME. This is to give sufficient time to the referee assignor to locate enough referees to officiate all the games. 
  • Remember that you MUST play a scheduled game EVEN if the teams are short players. So if you know ahead of time that your team cannot play full-strength for a game, then schedule a makeup as early as you can.
Whenever possible, games reschedules for reasons other than weather/field closings should be avoided as best as possible. NPSC home fields are limited and between weather rainouts, opponents schedules, and other regularly scheduled games, finding an viable date/time that works for both teams can be a challenge. See Manager's Toolkit tab on the home page for more information on Managing Team Schedules.

If an opponent requests a reschedule, it should be at the start of the season, when NPSC home game information was provided to opponent. Reschedules a week or two before game should be discouraged. 

If a reschedule of a NPSC Home game is unavoidable:
  1. Ask the opposing team to give you 3 possible dates that work for them.
  2. Check all three dates with your team’s game schedule, if any of those dates don’t conflict with your current game schedule, then,
  3. Check with your own team on availability / capability to field a team on those dates and ask team to hold those dates for a possible game.
  4. Submit reschedule request to Game Schedule using procedures below.
  5. Scheduler will place confirmed game time/date on NPSC home game schedule and will reserve field and referees for game. 

How do you request a Home Game makeup date / time?


  • Please email as early as possible (no later than Tuesday preceding the game) so that you requests can be considered. It is helpful if you and the opposing team coaches have already worked out a day / days that suit both of you. See Manager's Toolkit tab on the home page for more information on Managing Team Schedules
  • You will be offered one or more slots. If you can't confirm the slots quickly they may be offered to other teams requesting the same slot.  Depending on the number of reschedule requests/field availability the Game Scheduler may request a confirmed response to date options provided by the Scheduler 48 hours or sooner, when necessary. Delays in teams selecting/confirming rescheduled game day/time affects other teams. 


  • Please provide the following information in the email request for a reschedule:
1) "NPSC Reschedule Request" in subject  line

2) Team Name

3) League (IC, MNJ)

4) Age group (U10, U12, etc.)

5) Game Number or Original game date, field and  time

6) At least 2 date/time options agreed upon by opponent, if you are requesting something specific. Otherwise, game date time/options will be provided.


  • Reschedules are based on field and referee availability