New Providence Soccer Club is dedicated to the promotion and organization of youth soccer at both the recreational and competitive level. The Club is committed to the development of its players and coaches in order to allow them to reach their fullest pot

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Team Manager's Information
Finding Opponents' contact information - Link to a document showing how to look up opponents' contact information on the MNJYSA and ICYSL websites.

NPSC Website and League Athletics Manual - Link to a document explaining how to use the features available on the VNANNJ website.


NPSC Coach and Manager Scheduling Guidelines - Link to a document with NPSC, MNJYSA and ICYSL scheduling guidelines and considerations.


Team Manager Responsibilities Overview
NPSC Manager Overview Document


Website Team Contact Information
Make sure all of your team's Manager and Coaches Information listed on the website is current and available to view. This information is located on the Team specific section of the website under Roster. Using the website administrator login, Coaches and Managers should select their names and set their email address and cell phone numbers to "public" so team parents and opponents' coaches and managers can contact you to confirm game information, as required.

Instructions to Set Contact Info on Website to Public

Managing Team Game Schedules
Team Managers and/or Coaches, upon receipt of full or partial game schedules from NPSC, are then responsible for the following as it relates to game schedules:

  1. Create their own team master schedule or calendar of both home and away games.

  2. Request away game information from opponents hosting their game at home. See sample correspondence to opponents below. Note: Opponent contact information can be found on the respective League websites under contacts or on an individual club’s website. (It is also suggested that NPSC Coaches and Managers update their contact information on the NPSC website and set contact information to “public” so opponents can find your contact information.)  

  3. Update their schedules throughout season with times and location of all team games as each game is confirmed. Note: Team schedules posted on the Schedules tab of website will not be updated by NPSC Game Scheduler. It is the team’s responsibility to keep their own team’s schedule current.

  4. Communicate schedule and updates to own team by posting on team page on NPSC website or via email.

  5. Notify all opponents of date, time, location, color of uniforms, manager cell phone number, and directions for NP home games and request opponent confirmation of receipt of game informationSee sample correspondence to opponents below.

  6. Reconfirm all home and away games the week of game.

Note: When contacting opponents, team managers and coaches should not offer to change times / dates of games when providing the home game schedule. NPSC teams and opponents should assume the published NPSC home game schedules are final. Requesting a confirmation from opponents that they received the game information serves as a type of acceptance/agreement to the schedule. See attached sample Game Schedule correspondence to opponents.

If an opponent requests a reschedule, it should be at the start of the season, when NPSC home game information was provided to opponent. Reschedules a week or two before game should be discouraged. 

If a reschedule of a NPSC Home game is unavoidable:

  1. Ask the opposing team to give you 3 possible dates that work for them.

  2. Check all three dates with your team’s game schedule, if any of those dates don’t conflict with your current game schedule, then,

  3. Check with your own team on availability / capability to field a team on those dates and ask team to hold those dates for a possible game.

  4. Provide the “final” 2 viable dates for both team to NPSC scheduler, following the reschedule request procedures posted on the Game Reschedule Requests tab of the Game Schedules section of the website.

  5. At that time, the NPSC Game Schedule will offer you available date, time and field option(s) based on your request.

  6. Provide opponent NPSC selected day/time option(s).

  7. Get agreement/confirmation from opponents within 2 days or sooner on rescheduled game date/time. 

  8. Notify NPSC scheduler of confirmed date and timeslot with opponent.

  9. Scheduler will place game on NPSC home game schedule/reserve field and referees for game. 

Remind coaches and team to check NPSoccer Club Hotline (888) 473-6875 before EACH and every home game, as game changes may be necessary/occur even in fair weather. 

Reporting Game Scores
MNJ Teams - please report all MNJ scores on a weekly basis by Monday evening 10:00 in the following format:

Typical Email Example
Subject: Team Name and Week

Original* MNJ League Game week: Week D
Date Game Played: 04/22/2008
Game Number:     48731
HOME Town & Team Name & Score: New Providence Sparks:  3

AWAY Town & Team Name & Score: Union Fury:  2
# of Referees: 2
Comments: Light drizzle, only had 1 AR,

Name of Reporter:  Jose Vinaixa - Coach

*if your game was rescheduled from its originally published week (MNJ wk A,B,C,D, etc.) , please report your score with the original game week AND the actual date played. MNJ scores are reported by original game weeks - as originally published by the league. 

In Spring, many teams - especially U10 - must reschedule their first weeks of games as a result of grass fields not being opened in many towns until @ 4/1. When teams begin playing these rescheduled games please use the corrrect MNJ game week. 


InterCounty Teams -
U11/12 Teams - The winning team reports scores. If there is a tie, the home teams reports the score. Report game score on a weekly basis by Monday evening 10:00.
Coaches will be able to call in their scores directly to IC system.  Any red cards should be reported to the scorer ( ) by email.  The following are the instructions for score reporting.

  1. Dial the toll free number 1-866-334-6294.

  2. Enter PIN Code: 8442

  3. Enter Game Number

  4. Follow prompts and enter the score. Contact  for questions.

As a reminder please remember to include Week, Age, Sex, Division, Winning Team Name d. Losing Team Name & Score.
(e.g. Week A U12 Girls A "Westfield Team ABC" d. "Cranford Team DEF" 3 - 0) To Score an ICYSL Game.doc.pdf


Managing Team Practice/Training Schedules
Any requests for additional practice/training sessions (times/days/fields) should be sent to

Remind coaches and team to check NPSoccer Club Hotline (888) 473-6875 before EACH and every practice, as schedule changes may be necessary/occur even in fair weather. 

Managing a Team Webpage
Manager Website Manual 

How to Update Team Page

How to send emails from website