New Providence Soccer Club is dedicated to the promotion and organization of youth soccer at both the recreational and competitive level. The Club is committed to the development of its players and coaches in order to allow them to reach their fullest pot

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Here are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding the evaluation process and team formation:


Who should attend evaluations?

We would like all players from who were born in 2008 through 2002 to attend evaluations - assuming that those players would like to play in 2016/2017 for the fall, the spring, or both.


What should players bring to evaluations?

  • A ball for a “1 to a ball” warm-up with the NPSC Six Skills.

  • Shin guards. Players cannot participate without shin guards.

  • Soccer cleats.

  • Water.



What are the types of teams NPSC will try to form?

Select Program: This program is for the player who wants the most competitive program NPSC can offer. The Select player is committing to playing soccer in both the fall and spring seasons. It is assumed that soccer is the Select player’s first choice if conflicts arise. The NPSC believes children should participate in as many sports as possible and understand that conflicts will happen. We would encourage players to discuss conflicts with the team coaches and to always choose games over practices regardless of sport. NPSC Select teams will play in the MNJYSA league. Attending evaluations is required.

Travel Program: This program is for the player who wants to play soccer in either the fall and/or spring. These teams will play in either the MNJYSA or ICYSL leagues. Whenever possible U12 teams and younger will be placed in the MNJYSA league and play small-sided soccer. Players choosing Travel Program soccer have the option of playing in the fall, spring or both. No matter what season a player is choosing to participate in, attending evaluations is recommended so that players can be placed properly. Players who do not wish to attend evaluations are welcome on Travel Program teams.

BOTH programs cost the same. They will both have one midweek training session run by a professional trainining organization, one parent-coach training session, and one weekend game. (Some teams of either program hire additional professional training, and some teams decide to hire a professional trainer as the main coach. All teams must have at least one parent-coach volunteer. Information regarding the hiring of UK Elite is here.) Of course rainouts will force many weekends to have two games. Both programs require travel outside of New Providence and most games are within a half-hour, but some rare games may be as far as an hour away.


Can players tryout for an older team?

Players who were born in 2008 or before can tryout for an older team. This is a VERY personal decision and we ask that all parents consider this decision very carefully. The most current research indicates that players who play with and against much better players become inhibited and do not develop. Therefore, there is not one universal answer to this situation. Parents must consider the size, skill, strength, speed, AND mentality of their child.


Specifically for current first graders: Current first graders players will be permitted to tryout for 2008 birth year teams if they were born in 2008. In conforming to the US Soccer Initiatives, players born in 2009 will play 4v4 in our Skills Development Program. Those players will get far more touches on the ball and playing experience than they would on a team.


Does my child need to attend both days of evaluations?

Players who would like to be considered for Select teams must attend one of their own age/gender sessions, but we highly recommend attending both sessions.


My child cannot attend either evaluation for his/her age/gender. What happens in that situation?

Your child will still be evaluated, but will not be placed on a Select team.


Should my child still attend evaluations if we don’t really care what type of team my child is on?

Yes. We would like evaluations on every player so that we can form all teams to the best of our ability.


When will NPSC post teams?

Teams are typically posted on the night of the last day of school. Based on the massive changes from the USSF, the 2016/2017 teams will most likely be posted after that. After the last day of school, we will try to provide a general idea of when the teams will be posted.


Do I need to register for evaluations?

Yes. Here is the link to register.


If you would like to learn more about our Player Development Philosophy, please see the presentation we gave at the March, 2016 Open Board Meeting.

Here is the link to the presentation.





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